Fancy taking up a new craft in your spare time? Maybe you want to make something special for a gift, or embellishing something you already own? We stock all the necessary items to help you on your creative journey! From glues, to fabric dyes, bag accessories, and a large variety of exciting embellishments, we have everything you could possibly need. We even stock toy kits, which are great for kids learning to sew, which come with easy step-by-step instructions and will give them something to be proud of at the end!

Craft Glues

We have glues to suit most projects, including Jewellery glue, PVA, fabric glue, hot glue guns and spare glue sticks, as well as glitter-glues to be used for that extra sparkle. We also stock Basting Spray, Fabric Stiffener, and Fray-Stop for those whose fabric won’t behave itself.

Bag Accessories

Making your own bag is such an exciting project! Maybe you have seen a pattern you like, or want a bag to match an outfit for a specific event. As well as all the materials and embellishments, we also stock the main parts of the bag, such as the handles, feet and magnetic clasps, plus the products you would need for assembly, including double-sided iron-on thick Vilene and iron-on wadding for the bottom of your bag. Bring your pattern in to us for tips and tricks.

Toy Kits

Our toy kits come with everything you need to make them, excepting the needle and thread, with the pieces pre-cut to the shape needed. We have plenty of varying themes, and you can be creative whilst also learning an impressive skill! The kits are sold for different ability levels, so they are ideal for both beginners and those with a bit more expertise.


Felt is an easy material for kids projects and used in all kinds of crafts. We stock our acrylic felt by the metre at 60″(150 cm) wide in over 20 colours, as well as pre-cut in 9″, 12″, and 18″ squares, so you can choose the right piece for the job. We also now sell thicker felt available in pieces, if you need the material for a more durable use. For lining jewellery boxes or covering bases of statuettes, we also supply sticky-backed felt in a few different colours.

Fur fabric

Fur fabric is perfect for making fancy dress outfits, as well as lots of other craft projects. We have fur fabric in plain colours, animal prints and long pile. We also have a few plush furs too, which feel just like real fur, if you need it to look a little more fancy!


For those who can’t quite find the right coloured fabric, or those who need to cover up a stain or re-colour an item that has faded, we stock Dylon fabric dyes. We stock all the colours in hand and machine dye, and can give you tips on tie-dyeing and other hand-made patterns.We also have fabric paints and pens, perfect for embellishing personalised T-shirts, or adding detail onto fabric.