In our haberdashery range, we stock all your sewing essentials, including scissors, needles, thread, pins, tape-measures and much more. We also have a large selection of fastenings, as well as accessories for specific garments such as buttons, boning and threads. If you are looking to mend an item, bring it in with you, and we can do our best to match the fabric and give you advice on fastenings. We also have accessories for your sewing machine, so are here to help if you are in need of an extra part!


We sell Janome, Mundial and Fiskars. We have in varying sizes from 12″ down to 4.5″ and cover a variety of uses including dress making, embroidery scissors, snippers, Pinking shears and folding scissors.


We stock Milward, Pony, and John James for both hand and machine sewing.Hand sewing needles – We stock Sharps, Embroidery, Crewel, Tapestry, Curved, Beading, Children’s Plastic, Darning, Gold cross stitch and some Clover Black and gold needlesMachine – We keep sizes 9 to 18 as well as different points such as Leather, Ballpoint and twin needles


This is where the text for your Feature List Item should go. ItWe stock various types of pins; glass-headed, bead-headed, dress-making pins, safety pins, kilt pins and many more.


We have an enormous range of buttons in all shapes, colours, patterns, textures and sizes. Visit our shop to see our complete range. Buttons can be used as fastenings, and as decoration too!

  • Fish eye buttons in all colours and sizes
  • Leather buttons
  • Baby novelty buttons
  • Striped and spot buttons
  • Toggles in plastic and wood
  • Coat buttons Big range
  • Metal and blazer buttons
  • Self cover buttons


We keep a wide variety of miscellaneous fastenings, such as poppers, Velcro and hooks and eyes, as well as a wide selection of zips. Whatever your project, bring it in to us and we can help to recommend the best fastening for you!We stock zips for every need, including invisible dress zips, metal trouser zips and open ended zips for jackets. All our zips are available in several colours.

  • Metal toothed Jean zips in sizes 3″ to 8″
  • Dress zips from 4″ to 22″
  • Invisible zips in 8″, 14″ and 22″
  • Open-ended zips from 10″ up to approximately 35″, with plain or chunky teeth.
  • We stock zips on a roll, to be cut to any length, in colours black, white and beige
  • We also now stock clip-on zipper-pulls for repairing zips.
  • Connector.


We stock Twill boning (covered) and Ridgeline boning, which are both suitable for corsets. We also sell metal boning in two widths, suitable for hooped skirts.


Elbow patches in leather, corduroy and suede : Mending tape in 10 colours : Trouser patches in black navy and denim : Replacement pockets : Thimbles – several sizes in metal, leather and ring varieties.

Name tapes

Cashes name tapes : Iron on name tapes with pen : We also print labels which can be iron or sew on


We stock elastic up to 5″ wide in predominantly Black and white. We also stock a few other colours in thin widths. We also have sheering elastic in many colours.


Coats cotton, Coats Duet (polyester thread) : Heavy duty thread : Moon threads : Linen thread : Gutterman Hand quilting thread : Anchor Alkazar : Embroidery thread : Anchor metallic thread and a range of cheaper threads.

Machine Accessories

We sell bobbins, in both metal and plastic, belts, generic zipper feet, and machine oil, which can all be used across various different makes and models. Since we started selling Brother sewing machines, we now also stock several different feet and accessories for Brother machines, and can easily order any that we don’t have in stock.

Lingerie accessories

We stock various items for making underwear and clothes more comfortable , including : Bra extenders, Bra strap retainers, Strap cushions, Bra cups, Bra wire, Nipple protectors, Shoulder pads, Swimwear cups, Push up pads, and Dress shields

Curtain accessories

We even sell a wide range of curtain hooks, tapes and lining for a variety of curtains and blinds. Lining –Black out 54” wide and Normal lining cream 48”and 54” wide : Heading tape 1”,2”,3”,6”and a firmer woven pocket in 3” : Curtain lining tape : Roman and Austrian blind tape : Austrian blind cord in white black and ecru and thicker in black and white . Curtain hooks –all sorts and rings : Iron and sew on Buckram 6” wide, Pelmet Vilene 12” wide and 36” wide. Piping cord to cover in Sizes 1,2,3,4,5,6,