Our knitting yarn range is one of the largest in the area! Come into the shop and see for yourself…

Although we don’t carry all the yarn in each brand, we have a good range from all of them, and we can special order yarn that we don’t have room to stock if you require. The brands of yarn that we stock are:

  • James Brett
  • Katia
  • Kingcole
  • Peter Pan
  • Regia
  • Rico
  • Robin
  • Sirdar
  • Stylecraft
  • Wendy


We stock a variety of knitting pins and crochet hooks in different sizes and lengths, in metal, plastic, wooden and bamboo.We stock single point needles, double point needles in sets of 4 0r 5, and also a selection of circular needles including kits with interchangeable points.Crochet hooks we stock in most sizes, in metal and wooden, and even stock some with soft grip handles.

Knitting bags

We have an assortment of knitting bags, from carry-all bags, to needle cases, and also smaller project bags with a eyelet in the top to allow for your yarn. We have them in various styles and patterns.


Our extensive range of knitting patterns is more than enough to keep you busy. We’ve got baby patterns, children’s, ladies and gents, from 2, 3 and 4 ply up to chunky.


We stock a selection of knitting and crochet accessories and essentials:

  • Knitting dollies
  • Weaving sets
  • Stitch holders
  • Cable needles
  • Row counters
  • Knitting elastic
  • Stitch markers

2, 3 and 4 ply

We stock only white in 2 plyWe have only Acrylic yarn in baby colours in 3 ply4 ply comes in baby yarn acrylic and nylon, as well as other acrylic, cotton and wool-mixes in more ‘grown-up’ colours. We also have a variety of sock yarn in variegated colours.

Double knit

We start with very competitively priced 100g balls of acrylic yarn in Robin and Stylecraft, in a huge selection of colours. We stock a smaller 25g ball, at only 95p, in many colours, which make great starter yarns for beginners.We then move on to 25% wool, 50% wool, and 100% wool in Alpaca, Merino yarns and cotton yarns.We also stock variegated yarns, and even a variety of yarns with a metallic strand or sequins running through them.Our Robin and Stylecraft DK yarns can also be bought from our online shop.


We have a large range of 400g balls of Aran with 25% wool and some acrylic yarn. We also stock baby aran in 400g balls.We also do Sirdar Supersoft Aran in 100g balls


We have an ever increasing range of chunky from acrylic to wool content. These go right up to Super Chunky and Mega Chunky.

Fashion Yarns

We are always up to date with fashion yarns. We have an assortment of scarf yarns and fashion fluffy yarns for babies.

Crochet yarns

We keep a large variety of yarns meant specifically for crochet, as they are smoother and go down to a very fine thickness.We stock DMC in Petra, Natura and Babylo, Anchor Crochet cotton, Twilley’s Goldfingering, Lesur Empress, Sirdar Firefly and our new addition, James C. Brett’s Noodles, which is perfect for amigurumi.For all our yarns, you can use our lay-by service if you don’t want to take all your yarn in one go. We keep it for up to four weeks and we’ll call to enquire if you still want it after that.