Brother Clear Plastic Zipper Foot



This foot helps with the sewing of standard zippers.

Compatible with: XP1, XV, V7, V5, V5LE, XJ1, 2600, F480, 1250, M280D, 950/955, VQ2, QC1000, NX2000, 1800Q, 1300, 1100, F420, NV100/350/400/550/600, NV10/15/20/27/30/35/50/55, A-Series, MS4/5/6, FS20/40, DS120/140, XR27/37, RL/RH series, XQ/XN series, LX series, AE series, L14/L14s/LS14, XL5050/5060/5070, XL5500/5600/5700, LS2125, JS23, SL7, X5, X3.

Please contact us if your machine is not listed here, and we can find out if this foot is compatible with your machine.

Suitable only for Brother machines.


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